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Left: A view of Thunder Bay from the north to the south showing Boulevard Lake to the right, the grain elevators to the left and the shoreline and Mount McKay to the upper left

Even though The city of Thunder Bay is situated geographically in the centre of Canada, its harbour is the country's third largest and is serviced by ocean-going ships of all nations.

The grain elevators represent the greatest concentration of grain in the world (110 million bushels).
The Pagoda - built in 1910, the Pagoda has been hailed as Canada's oldest standing tourist building. Controversy has been the focus of this much loved piece of history. "Pagoda" - when the east meets the west.

If you have any interesting views of the city or if you are attending an event and would like to share the pictures, then just email them to us. Please remember to include a brief description and your name if you want credit for your work