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Apache Junction
A picturesque and rural town attracting outdoor fans and those headed to the Superstition Mountains. It is here that the infamous Lost Dutchman Mine is reputedly situated. Will you be the one to rediscover it?

You can learn more at the Superstition Mountain Museum. Learn of the facts, fiction and folklore surrounding on the States most famous mysteries.

For more than 120 years, the legend has intrigued treasure seekers from around the world. Quite possibly the world's most famous lost mine it continues to draw prospectors to the Superstition Mountains in search of it's treasures.

The mines were known of in the early 1800s when a Mexican family mined them. On one trip home they were ambushed by Apaches and killed. The mines were presumed lost as no one knew of their location outside of the family.

In the 1870's Jacob Waltz, "the Dutchman" was said to have found the mine through the contact with one of the Mexican family's descendants. Waltz and partner, Jacob Weiser worked the mine and apparently hid some of the gold they mined in the Superstition Mountains.

Weiser was later killed by Apaches, or maybe, according to some stories by Waltz himself. When his health began to fail Jacob Waltz moved to Phoenix and died in 1891. He was rumoured to have told Julia Thomas the location of the mines prior to his death.

In the years following neither she or others could find what became known as the Lost Dutchman's Mine. Interesting fact is that the Dutchman was in fact originally from Germany.

The Superstition Mountain Lost Dutchman Museum can be found at Goldfield Thost Town, 4 miles NE of Apache Junction on Highway 88.

Hours of opening are 9am-4pm Oct-May and 9am-3pm Jun-July, Aug-September. Open 7 days a week except Christmas.

Tel: (480) 983-4888. Website

Feeling adventurous? Then float down the Salt River upon a tube or take a hike through the mountains. Apache Junction lies on the route of the Apache Trail.

Entertainment & Eating
Interesting and fun place to eat Apache Joe's, good affordable food and entertainment. They've got the best broasted chicken in the country and the buffalo wings are good and hot. Wonderful, casual atmosphere, a place to relax, and have fun.

417 S Winchester Rd Apache Junction, AZ Phone: (480) 983-6115
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Apache Junction
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