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Wickenburg has played it's part in both Arizona and the West's history. Situated fifty-four miles from Phoenix step into Wickenburg and you could be stepping back to a different time. There is still an olde worlde charm, a laid back feel and a welcome on every corner. Visit early in the day and you will find a busy community, turn up late afternoon and you will feel that it has gone to sleep.

Wickenburg boasts a large farming community and so the locals rise early. Nowadays there is also a growing community of commuters to Phoenix as well. Those who have had enough of Phoenix's hustle and bustle and instead have opted for a slower pace of life, but still within reach of the city lights.

A popular destination for visitors is the Jail Tree, you can find it behind the Circle K at the corner of Tegner and Wickenburg Way, however Wickenburg has far more to offer, so take the time to visit.

Wickenburg abounds in natural beauty. In the early days the geological rewards attracted miners from all over the world, while the rich fertile land brought in the farming community.

Among the early settlers to the area was a gold searcher and adventurer by the name of Henry Wickenburg. He discovered Vulture Mine, over $30 million in gold has been unearthed there. It is from Henry that the town took it's name.

Today the prospectors have long-since gone, but the town still holds on to it's western tradition. Local organizations ensure that the area's past is not forgotten with events such as the "Gold Rush Days", and the "DC Ride". Experience the cowboy lifestyle at Williams Family Ranch.

Entertainment in Wickenburg: While in town check out the Webb Center Theater

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