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The first indications that the Communicator was preparing to leave Lowestoft, it's home for the past nine months, a tug appears alongside during Friday 20th August, 2004.

Note that while the Communicator was still pointing inland the tug was already pointed towards the harbour mouth and secured to the bow of the ship. Thus when the tug pulls forward she will turn the Communicator round ready to head out to sea.

It was expected therefore that she would soon leave.

In these pictures you will also see the navigation lights are burning on the Communicator and you may just about make out doors open on the deck. These pictures were taken at 7pm on 20th August, 2004 and a white van was parked close to the ship on the quayside. Doors on the ship were open onto the deck indicating people onboard, although in the half hour we were there we saw no one, either on the tug or the Communicator.

The ship's destination was the Orkney Isles for the three month broadcast of the Super Station which started on 1st September.

At the time that these photos were taken the East Coast was experiencing a thunderstorm and the weather was rather windy. It might be questionable as to if the ship was actually safe to make the long journey, under tow northwards. From our observations over the previous months, although lots of work had been carried out onboard, this was mainly cosmetic. Cabins and the decor of the ship had been improved tremendously. However it must be said that the outside of the ship still needed much work done on it. Back in December 2003 owner Dave Miller said that she would be dry-docked at Lowestoft and she certainly needs to be, however this never came about.

Also no work appeared to have been done on the guy wires on the mast in the time that she was in Lowestoft. It must be remembered that Caroline in her years has lost several masts which have been regularly maintained. One must question how an unmaintained mast will cope when the vessel is not only in a high choppy and windy sea but also undertow??


The afternoon of Saturday21st August, 2004, gave Lowestoft residents and holidaymakers a special sight to see, the Commuicator being towed by the tug Goliath and assisted by the port tug Planter. Once she was clear of the harbour the Planter dropped her line and returned to port.

Contrary to some reports the engines onboard were NOT working therefore the vessel was towed for the entire trip.

The Orkenys are a long way but thankfully the weather had calmed and hopefully the ship had a safe and uneventful journey.
The Super Station 105.4
Kirkwall Trial service for Kirkwall (Orkney Islands)
On air from :01/09/2004 to 23/11/2004

Additional pictures can be found here
Following the two month broadcast the Communicator remained at anchor in the Orkney Isles. An announcement on the Communicator website announced that the vessel was up for sale and in early February, 2005 it was confirmed that she had been sold to an undisclosed buyer.

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