Celebrating the Pioneers of British Music Radio

from the 60s thru to today
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THE 60s

Laser DJs first....
Charlie Wolf is now on the Talksport radio network in England also doing Irish Radio work

Jessie Brandon: News editor at Featurestory in D.C. — Set for return to broadcasting in UK in the near future???

Kirk Clyatt: KC in the Morning on Laser Hot Hits now does tv weather

Blake Williams
is working in Phoenix, Arizona - though we do not know as what.

Tommy Rivers
is at CBS Radio News bureau chief reporter in London

Erin Kelly
Now Erin Weber at WYCD in Detroit

Steve Masters is working for the Voice of America.

John Catlett
(the former manager) moved to Bombay India to oversee the setting up of a commercial radio network. He returned to England in 2003 before setting off once more to India at the end of the year. He has homes in both London and New York.

Dave Lee Stone, unfortunately died about 3 years ago after a drinking binge. He had been suffering from severe depression for a number of years.

Anyone know the whereabouts of Ric Harris?

next Caroline family....
Gareth O'Callaghan (Tony Gareth on Radio Caroline in the 1980s) is now hosting the 2.00pm - 5.00pm afternoon slot on Ireland's 2FM (90.0 - 92.0 MHz and 97.0 MHz in Ireland) and available over most of the UK on 612 kHz

Simon Dee poped up on tv this Christmas with a remake of "Dee Time"

Tony Blackburn as everyone is probably aware is back on breakfast....now working for the Classic Gold network

Mike A'hern & Andy Archer were both working on the recently launched North Norfolk Radio. (Archer got "bored" and left, currently "resting").

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