This is the place to remember days of yonder. If you have any memories or old pictures of the Thunder Bay area please get in touch TB Memories

I have come across an old photo dated March 27, 1891 in Port Arthur. The photo is of a group of 22 men belonging to a snow shoeing club. I can make out a patch on their jackets with either one of the following: Kamoere... Snow Shoe Club Hamoere... Snow Shoe Club Xamoere... Snow Shoe Club I'm not sure of the first letter or the remaining 2 or 3 letters after the "e". I'm hoping you can tell me more. This is a beautiful photograph. Thank you, Sandy Pearson

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Our thanks go to Alice who wrote "I found this card when looking through my pictures and thought it might interest you. I lived in Thunder Bay for 17 years and moved in 1956. I now live in Big Bear Lake, Ca which is about an hour drive from Los Angeles."

  • Separately Arthur Swanson contacted us with some memories about the Pagoda – "I noticed in your gallery a picture of the "notorious" pagoda, which was a focal point of many talks at city hall when it was Port Arthur! During the sixties we had a family run paint store called Swanson Painting & Decorating! We did alot of work in the downtown core to name a few. We were the first to paint all the downtown parking meters different colours for different times! We were the people that painted the "Pagoda" for the first time it's polka dot roof! I remember dad mixing up all the different colours in quarts at our paint store.We did the painting of the spots at night, as there was supposedly a dispute over the attractions way of drawing tourists. One of the aldermen told dad to paint the spots at night as he did not know how a few on city council at the time would view it! I remember painting alot of places with my dad at the time, like the Ruttan Block, most the banks and restaurants at the time.Before our paint buisness my father worked for many years at the cities main staple hardware store 'Tourtelotte" hardware.I could have misspelled it! Just sending you this note brings back many fond memories of the area!I hope this little tid bit gives you a little more info on the pagoda and its "colourful" history.I hear it no longer has its spots.Thats too bad. I know for a fact that people that travelled thru the area mentioned the polka dot pagoda. Some things are better left untouched!"